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The question has been asked, and now the journey towards saying, “I do” begins! (Congratulations, by the way).

I’m here to give you the low down on the best wedding venues in Perth. Choosing a wedding venue will be the first thing on your to do list for the wedding and will normally lock in your wedding date. The right wedding venue helps make your day special, and it should contain some personal elements to help achieve this. You also want it to look amazing. This will be the space where you start your new life, and the photos need to look great!

There are a few things I would recommend thinking about before making your list of venues and locking in your wedding venue.

  1. What kind of look do you like? what kind of places do you like being together?
  • Elegant and Glamorous: consider grand ballrooms, historic mansions, or upscale hotels.
  • Beach or Waterfront: choose a beachfront or waterfront venue for a romantic and serene atmosphere.
  • Modern and Chic: opt for modern art galleries, industrial lofts, or rooftop gardens.
  • Naturally Beautiful: go for outdoor venues like botanical gardens, parks, or countryside estates.
    Remember, the most important thing is to pick a wedding location that showcases your unique style and preferences as a couple.
  1. How many people are you inviting?

Personally, I would highly recommend surrounding yourself with the family and friends who really matter on your big day. My better half and I decided to elope with just a small bunch of cherished individuals who hold a special place in our hearts. I’ve captured weddings with more than a hundred guests, and trust me, each and every one of them was treated like gold by the couple. So, don’t let Aunt Karen’s insistence on inviting your long-lost third cousin, whom you haven’t seen since you were in diapers, get to you. Let’s keep the guest list sane, shall we?

  1. Where are you getting ready before the ceremony? What is the distance between your getting ready location and your ceremony?

When getting ready for the ceremony, keep it casual. Find a comfortable spot for you and your group to prepare. Choose a location not too far from the venue to save energy. Don’t forget logistics – a stylish ride is a must. Stay relaxed and be ready to rock your wedding day. Let’s get this party started!

  1. Do you want a sit-down or cocktail reception?

When it’s time to pick between a sit-down or cocktail reception, it’s like choosing your favourite dance move at a wedding – a tricky balance between classy and groovy! Here are a couple of things to remember while you’re making this super important decision:

Sit-Down Reception:

A sit-down reception, also known as a fancy dinner, is a great choice for an organized and classy wedding celebration. Guests can enjoy a delicious meal with multiple courses while seated at assigned tables. This format creates a personal touch and is ideal for intimate weddings. Choose a sit-down reception for an elegant dining experience, featuring a variety of delicious dishes. Embrace the tradition and create unforgettable memories with a fancy atmosphere. Let the charm of a sit-down reception turn your wedding into a classy and luxurious party.

Cocktail Reception:

Hey there, my buddy! So, a cocktail reception is the way to go if you want to kick back and have a blast. Forget about the boring old seated dinner, because we’re talking about a laid-back, informal vibe here. Guests get to munch on a bunch of mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres and hit up those food stations like there’s no tomorrow. It’s all about mingling, socializing, and soaking up the lively atmosphere. So, if you’re planning a big old’ wedding or just want things to be more chill and interactive, it’s time to shake things up and go for that cocktail reception! Cheers, my friend! 🍸🎉

Also to consider…

  1. Your Inner Martha Stewart: Do you have a secret obsession with Pinterest-worthy table settings and perfectly folded napkins? If yes, then a sit-down reception might just be your jam. Embrace your inner Martha Stewart and create a wedding atmosphere that screams elegance and sophistication. Just make sure you have enough seating for Aunt Mildred and her five cats!
  2. Social Butterflies Unite: If mingling’s your thing and you love playing host, the cocktail reception is calling your name. With a more relaxed vibe, your guests can socialize, sip on fancy drinks, and bust out their best dance moves. Plus, no assigned seating means Uncle Bob can finally escape from Aunt Mildred’s never-ending stories about her cats.
  3. The Foodie’s Dilemma: Let’s face it, the real star of any wedding is the food! If you’re a gourmet guru and want your guests to experience an unforgettable culinary adventure, a sit-down reception allows you to serve a delightful multi-course meal. Just make sure to remind everyone to save room for dessert, because wedding cake counts as a separate food group!
  4. Budget Bliss: Now, this is where things get real. If your bank account is crying for mercy, a cocktail reception might be the way to go. It’s often a budget-friendly option compared to a sit-down affair. You can still impress your guests with delicious bites, but without breaking the bank. Pro tip: Don’t forget the late-night snack station to keep those dance floor energy levels high.

So, whether you’re Team Table Manners or Team Signature Cocktail, choose the reception style that suits your personality and sets the stage for the wedding of your dreams. Get ready to party and celebrate with your loved ones, because at the end of the day, that’s what really matters. Cheers to love, laughter, and an epic wedding celebration! 🥂

  1. What time of the year will you have the wedding?

When deciding on the time of year for your wedding, there are a few factors to consider. Here are some things to think about:

Weather: So, when it comes to choosing a wedding date in Perth, you got to consider the weather, mate. If you like it hot and sunny, go for the summer months from December to February. If you prefer something milder, spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) can be pretty pleasant. Now, if you don’t mind a bit of chill and rain, winter (June to August) can give you that cozy indoor wedding vibe.

Availability: Here’s the deal, some wedding venues in Perth may be super popular and get booked up really quick. So, if you have a specific place in mind, make sure you check their availability during your preferred time of year. Don’t want to miss out on that dream venue, right?

Budget: Listen up, mate. If you’re on a tight budget, you got to be smart about picking the right time for your wedding. Some months or holidays can be way more expensive because they’re in high demand. So, consider going for a less popular time of year if you want to save some cash.

Theme or Seasonal Considerations: Alright, let’s get creative! Think about the vibe you want for your wedding. If you’re all about those spring flowers and vibrant colours, why not have your big day in spring? That way, you can take advantage of the blooming gardens and make everything look stunning! Get your theme on, mate!

  1. Do you want your ceremony and reception to be at the same place?

Having the ceremony and reception in the same place can be super convenient! You don’t have to worry about getting everyone from one venue to another, and it makes it easier for all your guests to enjoy both parts of the celebration. Plus, it saves you time and stress on your big day. Of course, whether or not it’s the right choice for you depends on what you prefer and if there are suitable venues available in Perth.

  1. Will you be hiring a stylist for your wedding?

Hiring a stylist for your wedding is totally up to you, It all depends on your taste and budget. A stylist can totally bring your dream wedding to life, creating a killer look and making sure that every little detail is on point. They can help you with the overall design, suggest cool décor ideas, and even coordinate with other vendors. But hey, if you have a clear vision in mind and enjoy being the creative genius behind it all, you can totally style your own wedding, no problem! At the end of the day, just think about what you need and how much help you want to make your big day truly special. You got this!

  1. Do you want a DIY, BYO or ALL-INCLUSIVE wedding venue?

When it comes to picking the best wedding spot, there are a bunch of things you got to think about to make sure your big day is everything you’ve imagined. Out of all the choices you got, there are three that really shine: DIY, BYO, and all-inclusive.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself):

This option is all about having full control over your wedding day and making it exactly how you want it. You get to choose everything, from the decorations, food, and entertainment to the layout of the venue. With a DIY wedding, you have the flexibility to personalize every little detail. But keep in mind, planning and coordinating a DIY wedding takes a lot of time and effort. You’ll need to find all the vendors, manage logistics, and make sure everything goes smoothly on the big day. So, get ready to roll up your sleeves and make it happen!

Bring Your Own (BYO):

With the BYO option, you can bring your own vendors and service providers for various aspects of your wedding. This gives you the freedom to choose professionals who match your style and budget, such as photographers, caterers, or musicians. By personally selecting each vendor, you can ensure they understand your vision and carry it out perfectly. However, keep in mind that coordinating with multiple vendors can be time-consuming and may require extra effort to ensure they work together seamlessly.

All-Inclusive Wedding Packages:

If you want a more convenient and stress-free option, consider all-inclusive wedding packages. These packages are designed to make the planning process easier by offering a comprehensive set of services. They usually include the venue, catering, decorations, and even coordination assistance. With all-inclusive packages, experienced professionals will take care of every aspect of your wedding, allowing you to focus on enjoying your special day. However, it’s important to review the package details and make sure they align with your preferences and budget. The best wedding venue option for you will depend on your personal preferences and budget. Take the time to consider how much control you want, how much coordination you are willing to handle, and how much customization you desire for your wedding day.

In summary

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is all about what you and your partner love and what fits your budget. Take a moment to think about how much control and coordination you want, and how much you want to customize your big day. Have a chat with your partner and figure out what’s important to both of you. Then you’ll be on your way to finding the wedding venue that fits you best!

Top 10 Best Wedding Venues in Perth
  1. State Buildings

Weddings at the state Buildings are a blend of opulence and historic charm, offering a regal backdrop for a truly unforgettable celebration. Nestled in the heart of Perth, this meticulously restored 19th-century State Buildings venue excludes elegance at every turn.

The Mark – State Buildings | The Mark – State Buildings

A versatile and intimate wedding space with sweeping views over Stirling Gardens. The Mark offers an airy, open area with high ceilings, jarrah wood floors and original Western Australian artwork. The Mark is ideal for cocktail style celebrations or an intimate wedding reception with space for up to 60 guests.

Postal hall – State Buildings | Postal Hall – State Buildings

160 capacities for seated guests and 300 guests for cocktail event. The postal hall is in the heart of the state buildings. It has beautiful architecture.

Wildflower – State Buildings | Wildflower Terrace – State Buildings

The Wildflower Terrace is an intimate open-air space for wedding ceremonies, pre-wedding functions.

The University of Western Australia UWA

UWA is award-winning wedding venue located on the banks of the Swan River. It is surrounded by heritage listed buildings and lush, landscaped gardens. There are a few beautiful ceremony locations including the stunning sunken gardens, and you can have a marquee setup for your reception. You can also have your bridal party and bridal portraits on campus as there is a huge selection of areas that make beautiful backdrops for your photos.

St. Georges College – Chapel — St George’s College (

Due to its spaciousness, serene serenity, and historic atmosphere, St George’s College is unlike any other venue in Perth and is a perfect site for events. The college has many gardens, one of which is the heritage-listed Rose Garden. They have several function rooms that can accommodate groups of 10 to 60 people, and the Quadrangle can accommodate 200 guests. Ceremony and Reception options are available.


A lavish 1920s setting for your wedding Ceremony and reception celebration. Moana Hall provides elegance and intimacy for a lavish wedding, from a spacious terrace with views of the tree-lined street below to the exquisite full-service bar inside. You can enjoy a sit-down dinner for up to 120 people or a cocktail party for up to 200 people. The venue can help you select a partnered food caterer that is within your budget.

Assembly Yard – WEDDINGS | Assembly Yard.

Nestled in the heart of Fremantle, Assembly Yard is a spacious and light-filled wedding location. It is made up of beautifully manicured gardens set against the backdrop of towering gum trees at nearby Booyeembara Park. With its warehouse-style proportions and stark white walls, the interior area gives clients the flexibility to dress whichever they choose for any kind of ceremony or reception.

The Westin – Conference Venues Perth – Meeting Room Hire | The Westin Perth (

The Westin Perth is a sophisticated, opulent hotel that is tucked away in the heart of Perth. It has floor to ceiling glass, magnificent high ceilings and grand ballroom. The Westin Perth provides you and your guests with an authentic inner-city experience, complete with five-star lodging, multiple stylish wedding room options, and exceptional photo possibilities.

Mason Mill Gardens – Mason mill Perth Hills.

Set on ten acres of vibrant gardens, Mason mill is encircled by Carmel’s tranquil Jarrah Forest. This Perth hill’s location is a well-liked tourist destination for lunch or dinner in addition to being a perfect wedding venue. Mason mill Gardens is a stunning setting for your special occasion! The lovely gardens are perfect for wedding receptions as well as ceremonies. The French Gardens, Crab Apple Walk, and Secret Garden are the three areas in the venue where you can have your ceremony and reception.

QT Perth – All Loved Up | QT Perth | Perth Weddings (

Three unique, moody, and bright spaces are available at QT Hotel Perth, making them ideal for any type of guest list. Your guests will be enchanted with the uniqueness of these amazing spaces due to their funky and bold interiors, intricate wallpapers and artwork adorning the walls, and expansive rooftop views overlooking the city’s charming facades.

The Raft – Weddings — The Raft Perth.

The Raft stands as an obviously breath taking venue for celebrating your love. Breathe taking views of Perth City, Elizabeth Quay and Kings Park whilst floating on the serene waters of the Derbarl Yerrigan. A place where perfection effortlessly meets celebration. Whether is the intimate charm of long table three course shared dinners or a grand 250-person cocktail extravaganza, there’s no finer way to surround yourself in the warmth of loved ones on your most cherished day.  

Lamont’s Bishop House – Bishops House – Lamont’s – Wine & Food (

Built in the 1850s, Bishops House is a stunning heritage listed mansion that has been used as a formal dining venue for the past ten years, provided to patrons by The Lamont family. Situated in the heart of the CBD, it’s amazing private gardens and house provide visitors a unique dining experience in a lovely heritage property with stunning garden views, making it the ideal venue for your special day.

Need more inspiration and suggestions on vendors like florists, stylists, and makeup artists? No worries! I got you covered. When you book with me, you’ll receive a packed wedding guide with the best vendor selections in Perth. It’s filled with all the tips and inspiration you need to plan your dream wedding. So, what are you waiting for? Contact me now and let’s make your wedding planning journey a breeze.

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